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Ending your tenancy

If you decide to leave your home, you must write to tell us at least four weeks in advance.

Use our Tenant’s notice to quit to give us the full address for the property and the date you will move out. Your tenancy must end on a Sunday.

We will write within three working days to confirm that we have received your notice.

During your notice period, we may ask you to:

  • let possible new tenants view the property,
  • let us inspect the property, and
  • give access for contractors to do some repairs.

We will always contact you before sending anyone round.

Before moving out

It is very important that your rent account is up to date before you leave. If you leave owing us money, we will trace you to your new address to recover any rent or other charges you owe.

We will send someone round to inspect the condition of the property. We will expect you to complete any repairs we point out. We will remind you to leave the property clean, tidy and with none of your belongings left behind. If we have to pay extra to sort things out, we will pass on the cost to you.

You need to return a full set of keys, including communal door keys or fobs, to the office on the day you move out. If you fail to do this, we will change the locks and pass on the cost to you. We will also have to charge you extra rent if it delays us in letting the property.

Let people know you are moving

At the very minimum, you should tell the following organisations that you are moving home:

  • the Council – to sort out your Council Tax or Housing Benefit
  • the DWP if you get other benefits, and
  • your gas, electricity, phone and water companies – but please don’t get the supply disconnected.

We will ask for your new address in case we need to contact you about anything.

You may find it useful to pay Royal Mail to redirect your mail for a time. You can get a redirection form at at your local post office, or set this up online.