: 0208 985 7120

Repairs and maintenance

Who repairs what

In general, we are responsible for repairs to:

  • the structure and outside of the building
  • communal areas, and
  • the main systems (gas, electricity, water) running through your home.

As our tenant, you are responsible for:

  • minor repairs – for example, unblocking sinks and toilets, checking smoke alarm batteries, repairing or replacing internal door handles, bleeding radiators, or changing light bulbs
  • looking after your home to prevent problems developing – such as unchecked condensation
  • internal redecorations
  • maintaining any home improvements you made with our permission, and
  • any damage or neglect caused by your household or guests – we will pass on the cost to you if we have to put anything right.

For a more detailed (but not comprehensive) list of repair responsibilities, see from page 11 of our Guidance on repairs and responsibilities. If you are still unclear, call the office.

From time to time, we may visit carry out a tenant liaison visit to your home. As part of our visit, we will check the condition of your home.

Note: If you are a leaseholder, you are responsible for most repairs inside your home. Please call the office, if you are unsure.

How to report your repair


To book a repair online, please click here.

When you report a repair online, we connect you to our diagnostic program. We ask you to identify the problem as closely as you can. By doing this, you give us valuable information for our contractors. It gives them the chance to bring the right parts with them, making a first-time fix more likely.

Other ways to report your repair

For non-heating repairs, phone 020 8985 7120 to report your repair.

If your repair is not an emergency, you can also:

Heating and hot water repairs

If you have a Nibe or Mitsubishi heating and hot water system, call our normal repairs number.
For all other residents, call K & T Heating Services Ltd on 020 8269 4500 and then press Option 1. 

Emergency repairs

If you have a genuine emergency repair outside of our routine office hours, please call our usual number, 020 8985 7120. You will be offered a number of options so that the phone system can divert you to our out-of-hours service.

How long repairs take

Our official target, in line with similar landlords, is to complete:

  • emergency repairs within 24 hours – the contractor will aim to ‘make safe’ at this stage
  • urgent repairs within five working days, and
  • routine repairs within 20 working days.

For a detailed list of repairs against our targets, see our Guidance on repairs and responsibilities

However, we encourage our contractors to do even better if possible, by working to complete urgent repairs within three working days and routine repairs within 10 working days. This has successfully reduced the time taken for the average repair.

Planned maintenance

As well as carrying out the repairs you report to us, we also have a planned maintenance programme. This keeps our homes in good condition. It also gives us better value for money when we complete similar repairs on a number of homes at once.

Our planned maintenance programme includes:

  • major works – for example, where we replace kitchens, bathrooms, windows, electrical wiring or central heating systems, and
  • cyclical decorations – where we decorate the communal and external areas of the property.



We give you two sets of keys when you move in and we expect you to look after them.

If you lose your keys, we don’t have duplicates. So, you may want to cut an additional set to leave with a friend or relative for emergencies.

You are welcome to change your door locks, or fit window locks, but you mustn’t fit locks to a front door that leads to anyone else’s home without asking them first.