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Emergency planning

Plan for an emergency

Emergencies can happen at any time and can take any form – for example a fire, a gas leak, a burst water main or even a terrorist incident.

Download My emergency plan to make sure that you and your family are ready to cope with any unexpected emergencies.

Gas leaks

If you suspect a gas leak, switch off the gas supply at the meter immediately. Don’t use electrical appliances or switches. Turn off all pilot lights and open your doors and windows. You should then call National Grid on 0800 111 999.

Gas checks and servicing

We have a legal responsibility to make sure that all gas appliances and pipework in our properties meet current gas safety and servicing regulations. We do this by carrying out annual gas checks, commonly known as the Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR), and servicing.

We contract this work out to specialists. They will contact you to say when their operative will visit your home. You must give them access or arrange a more convenient time with them. Remember that you agreed to give access to your home for gas checks when you signed your tenancy agreement. If you don’t give access, we will take legal action to force entry to your home. We will pass on the cost to you.

You may also get a call from our quality control assurance consultants – who check our contractors’ work on our behalf.

Other checks we carry out

We carry out periodic safety checks on electrical wiring and water hygiene – as required by law.

We follow the law and best practice in our handling of asbestos.

Fire safety

We prioritise fire safety on our estates and meet all fire regulations.

We ask that you play your part too.

  • We take a zero tolerance approach towards tenants who leave any personal belongings in communal areas. This is because these items could cause a fire, make a fire spread more quickly, block escape routes and make things more hazardous for fire fighters. We reserve the right to remove and dispose of any items you leave in these areas.
  • We don’t allow smoking in communal areas or barbecues on balconies.
  • We don’t allow you to store petrol, bottled gas or other inflammable materials in your home.
  • We recommend smoke alarms.
  • We remind you only to buy secondhand appliances that have been properly safety checked.

For more general advice, download our fire safety leaflet

Pest management

We will deal with pests in communal areas. This includes rats, mice and cockroaches. If you have pests inside your home, we will normally expect you to deal with them. However, there are some exceptions, so you should contact the office if you have a pest problem, for further information.