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Getting involved

We are committed to constantly improving the services we offer and believe that involving residents and listening to their views will help us to do this.

There are lots of ways you can get involved and you don’t have to attend meetings if you don’t want to. You are welcome to call, email or write at any time to give us your feedback.

Fun days and trips

We provide fun days (sometimes in partnership with other landlords), which include activities for all the family. We use these events to find out more about your views about our services.  

We also organise highly enjoyable family day trips to the seaside or visitor attractions.

Our latest trip: what residents told us

“Snack pack was a nice gesture, the coaches were nice and clean. It was a nice day out, myself and my friends enjoyed it.”

“Thank you it was amazing, my son enjoyed it and we had so much fun we cannot wait for next year.”

“It was a good trip, everything well organised and it was good.”

“My family and I had a wonderful time. I would attend future events and I am very grateful that Shian takes their time to organise these events for the tenants every year. It is always very well organised.”

“I liked everything, I feel very privileged to be in Shian, because my friends in other social/council housing accommodations do not get this treatment. When I told my friends about this trip they were shocked and said ‘no way’. Shian encourage engagement with neighbours and a wonderful trip which cost nothing to my family.”

Tenant groups

We encourage tenants to form or join tenant groups and associations, which can make a big difference to your neighbourhood. We can offer you help and advice, if you want to get one started.

You may not want to set up an ongoing group, but have an idea for your estate to share with your neighbours. We can help you with this too.

Our tenants have already joined two associations set up on multi-landlord estates.

  • Victoria Community Association is a well-established group on the Kingshold Estate.
  • Ferry Lane Action Group (FLAG) in Tottenham, welcomes our residents from Reedham Close.

To find out more about tenant groups, call us on 020 8985 1720 or email

The Scrutiny Panel

Several times a year, we hold open meetings for all residents to discuss our services and give their views. To find out more about taking part in the Panel, call or email the office.

Estate champions

Estate champions are our eyes and ears on your estate. They monitor what’s going on and let us know if any problems are developing.

To become an estate champion, call or email the office.

Formal consultation

If we’re going to make a major change to the way we manage your estate, or we plan to carry out major works, we will consult you.

If it is a straightforward change, we may just write, text or email you. We will give you plenty of detail and give you 14 days to comment in writing or by phone.

If your homes are affected, we may also hold a meeting at or near your estate. We will give you at least seven days’ notice.

We might decide to speak to you individually as well.