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Health and safety

We put your health and safety top of our priority list. Our health and safety guides, available to download from this page, explain our health and safety policies and processes, and give you useful advice to protect yourself and your family.
Asbestos safety advice is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that was regularly used in building materials before 1999, when it was banned, because it can cause serious diseases. Find out more about asbestos and how we handle it in Shian properties.
We explain that your balconies must be used safely, to avoid the risk of a fire starting or spreading.
Find out more about the regular electrical safety checks we carry out and how to spot electrical hazards.
Post-Grenfell, we are more than ever committed to fire safety, with a strong programme of regular fire risk assessments and remedial work. Find out more about keeping your family safe from fire using our guide.
can also read the guide from RICS, the building surveyors’ group.
In a fire emergency, call 999 immediately.
Fire doors usage advice help to protect escape routes in an emergency and must not be altered. We check and maintain your fire doors regularly. Help us to keep an eye on your fire doors, using the advice in our guide, here.
Fire blankets usage advice can be an important safety tool against fire. We explain more in our guide.
We carry out regular gas safety checks in all our properties with gas appliances. We expect you to give us access. Our guide explains the purpose of our checks and gives tips to keep your family safe.
If you ever think you can smell gas, or have carbon monoxide leak, please contact the Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111999.
We don’t allow you to install metal security gates and grilles, for fire safety reasons. Our guide explains why and offers alternative security tips.
We carry out checks to make sure that your water supply is not contaminated with legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease. Our guide explains more and offers water safety advice.