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Parking at your estate

We know that good car park management is important to you. We are committed to providing the best possible service around parking. Click to download our Car parking policy.

Who can park where?

Our car parks are available for residents to park their cars, small vans and motorcycles. However, on most estates, there is not enough parking for all our residents.

To prevent non-residents from adding to the problem, we issue resident parking permits to display in the windscreen of the vehicle registered.

At a few sites where there is enough space, we may be able to give more than one permit to some households.

Getting a parking permit

When you apply for a parking permit, we will need to see your vehicle registration document, insurance certificate and valid MOT. This is so that we only issue permits to residents who own a vehicle or use a company car.

Issuing a parking permit is entirely at our discretion. We won’t give you a permit if you aren’t keeping to the terms of your tenancy agreement. We may also withdraw a permit if you break the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Our permits are valid from 1 April through to 31 March. You will need to supply your supporting documents when you apply each year.

We charge £60 per year for a parking permit. However, your permit will be free if you are a Blue Badge holder with supporting evidence relating to your disability. Be aware that the charge is for the administration of the scheme and does not guarantee a parking space.

Click to download a copy of our Parking permit application form.

Click to download a copy of our Parking agreement with terms and conditions.

Contact the Housing Team on 020 8988 7120  to find out more about parking at your estate.

Unauthorised parking

We know it’s frustrating when, despite our permit scheme, non-residents use our limited parking spaces.

Our staff and parking contractors check the car parks regularly – both on scheduled visits to your estate and when attending for other reasons.

You can help by telling us straight away if you think a car has been abandoned, so that we can get the council to take it away.

Please note that we will consider a car to be abandoned if it is in very poor condition or if it has not been moved for some time.

Safe use of car parks

Please make sure that our car parks are not a risk to health and safety.

  • Don’t park outside the marked spaces – and especially not next to exits or junctions, or on grassed or paved areas.
  • Don’t keep unsafe vehicles in the car park.

If you would like to discuss any matter related to car parking, contact our Housing Team on
020 8985 7120, or send an email to