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Our service charter

Our service charter sets out the services we provide, and the standards and timescales we work to achieve.

It includes:

  • our methods and timescales for contacting you
  • how we handle appointments and visits
  • our rents and arrears service
  • our repairs service
  • how we manage empty homes, home lets and transfers
  • how we keep you informed and involve you
  • our estate services
  • our complaints process
  • our approach to anti-social behaviour and harassment
  • disability adaptations and home improvements
  • consulting you
  • staff behaviour, and
  • what we expect from you in return.

You will find more details about most of these areas on this website too.

Data protection

You can request a report on the information we hold about you here. Our policy on this is available here.

You can read our privacy notice here.