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As at 31 March 2019, we provided and owned outright:

  • 426 self-contained general needs homes
  • 14 bedspaces in two hostels, for single people in need of support
  • 20 flats let as supported housing to people with mental health problems and/or former rough sleepers
  • 6 shared ownership homes
  • 3 homes under the Rent to Homebuy scheme
  • 26 homes that we let at greater than social rents, but less than 80% of market rent, and
  • 1 home let at market rent.

With total assets in excess of £52m.


In 2018-19, we carried out 1,387 day-to-day repairs, spending in excess of £500,000. We completed 100% of emergencies and more than 97% of other repairs on target. Over the year, the average urgent job was completed in under two days, while It took just over seven days to complete the average routine job.

Net promoter score

We have a contract with Acuity to carry out ongoing survey work for us, with residents who have recently had a repair done. The surveys provide us with the valuable feedback about how residents view our overall services.

Recent reports showed that:

  • 88% found it easy to contact us
  • 70% reported we dealt with their enquiry on time
  • 87% found us polite and helpful,and
  • 79% were happy with our handling of their enquiry.

Our net promoter score on customer contact was 24%.

On repairs we could report that:

  • 82% were happy with the contractor
  • 96% said they came on time
  • 75% found repairs contact OK,and
  • 31% reported there was still work outstanding.

Our net promoter score for repairs was 32%.

Value for money

Our Value for Money (VfM) statement sets out our policy on providing efficient services. It is aimed at our residents, stakeholders, Board and staff and meets the requirements of our regulator.

We define VfM as the right balance between quality, effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

In 2018-19, we:

  • secured savings through joint procurement with the London BME Directors’ group
  • joined a scheme to recover former tenant arrears
  • made development plans that will make even better use of our existing assets, and
  • continued to rate our efficiency alongside the 15 other housing association members of the Acuity London benchmarking group.